Our Mission

The mission of FTH is to create a platform that acts as a launch pad through various acquisitions so we can build the infrastructure necessary for both organic and inorganic growth, as well as sustainability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an enterprise known for being the best at creating, enabling and realizing the utmost value for our partnerships, on a global scale.

Our Values

Our core values represent what FTH stands for and guide who we are as a holding company and in business. From employees to investors, our values help everyone understand our goals and how we build partnerships with entrepreneurs, customers, and vendors. We adhere to the philosophy that we must always be focused on the future. To that end we maintain each partnership with dignity and respect. We cherish our reputation for being trustworthy, flexible, agile, and hard-working. At the foundation of FTH is openness, honesty and an unshakable belief in innovation, taking risks and solving every challenge to help everyone persevere and prosper.

Sravan Vellanki

Chairman & CEO

A Message from the Chairman

As a global holding company, FTH challenges the status quo by creating innovation-powered business solutions that are shaping the future.

Equal parts business, creativity and technology – we will continue to help companies wherever they are, across the value chain and around the globe. We’re proud of our reputation for keeping organizations one step ahead by providing comprehensive, integrated solutions as a best-in-class partner for forward-thinking organizations who dream bigger and are wired to make a significant impact.

In order to continue building a company culture where differences are valued, our Diversity & Inclusion strategy is focused on enablement and empowerment, as we recruit and retain talented individuals to build our teams, cultivate leaders and innovate.

-- Sravan Vellanki, Chairman FutureTech Holding Company


As a business solutions company with global locations (for both government and private clients), we embrace innovation by building game-changing digital infrastructure (VAR, Systems Integration, Hardware/Software sales) to provide the tools that drive productivity. We also leverage the data from advanced technology to improve our investment decisions and generate returns from our investments. Our focus on Financial, Technological and Healthcare sectors includes:

  • Proprietary Software Product Development
  • Professional Services
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Data Catalog and Governance


If you own land, we can develop it. We can also acquire land to partner with you on a specific development project, as we seek to utilize our global expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investments in any environment and to make a positive impact in the communities by investing in high-quality assets, focusing where we see growth potential driven by economic and demographic trends, including:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Locations – India and USA


From locations in India and the U.S, FTH strives for sustainability and efficiency with innovation and best practices in Power Plants and Batteries:

  • Developing and owning renewable energy power plants
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction of renewable energy power plants
  • Operations & Maintenance of renewable energy power plants
  • Energy Storage Systems to enhance productivity of renewable power plants
  • Proprietary Bi-directional battery chargers – Patent Pending
  • Battery manufacturing plant under construction in India


Our commitment to charitable education from our location in India is integral and tangible, with our activities in this sector scaling up substantially in recent years, starting small with one school initially. We intend to expand as strategic opportunities present themselves. Through our acquisitions we provide solutions for smart campus, digital assessment, and life-long learning platforms.


With locations in Indian and Jamaica, our Healthcare focus is on Teaching and Research Hospitals as well as advanced training and innovation with an emphasis on charitable and affordable care


With locations in Dubai, Malaysia, Jamaica, Switzerland, India and the U.S., our Trading focus is on:

  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Commodities
  • Foreign Exchange


With global locations, our definition of CSR is Consciousness, Sustainability, and Responsibility. Bring us your ideas within this CSR construct and we will listen and potentially fund to promote Self Responsibility, Authentic Communication, Trust, Learning and Growing, Interpersonal Process Skills and Caring. As individuals grow and achieve outcomes that are important to them, they also benefit the collective enterprise, so our model focuses on both.